An increasing number of Industrial consumers are considering the option of setting up their own Captive Power Plant.
In most of the cases co-generation of Power will not only reduces the environmental pollution but also reduce strain on the company’s economy.
The present scenario therefore not only favors, but also warrants adoption of co-generation system in Plants to make them more economical and to ensure clear environment.

Sustainability of a Power scheme in decided by viability of technology, adaptability for integration into the existing infrastructure economic competence and environmental acceptance, co-generation of Power utilizing the Waste heat is an attractive proportion for Plants, thereby reducing green house emission.

In turn co-generation assumes greater significance in the Indian content in view of the Power shortages in many states, which results in production losses and high-energy consumption apart from increased dust losses due to unstable operations.

The industry can mitigate the problem of Power shortage and poor quality of Power to a considerable extent by adopting co-generation system based on Kiln Waster heat.


It is to highlight that out of total heat generated from Coal and reduction, in Coal based D.R. Plant, only 35% heat is used in reduction, and the balance goes as Waste. This is a colossal Waste of energy. This scenario not only presented an opportunity to device ways and means to extract the heat energy from the Waste gases but have helped Plants to be self-sufficient as far as Power requirement is concerned.

However the heat source for co-generation depends on:-
1. Temperature
2. Mass flow rate and
3. Availability

To recover the sensible heat contained in Waste gases, a Waste heat Boiler is incorporated on Waste heat stream. The Boiler unit generates high pressure, high temperature Steam which will be fed to Turbine to generate electric Power. The Power thus generated caters to the total electricity demand of Plant, the raw preparation Plant, all utilities, facilities, offices and residential areas. It is possible to exports surplus Power through grid. It is always advisable that the Turbine Generators runs

The Waste gases emanating from the Rotary Kiln at 1000 c and passes through a Waste heat recovery Boiler (WHRB) where these gases are cooled to 200 c and the heat thus recovered is used to generate Steam, which is further used to run Turbine and generate Power.